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Personal Imformation

First name: Ievgen
Surname: Tyshchenko
Telephone: +380683189905
Skype: je.jeka
E-mail: jeka.je_1989@mail.ru
Sex: male
Date of birth: 15.041989
Job Applied For: Electrician, Farm assistant, Farm Worker.

Work Experience 1

From: 04.2009
To: 09.2009
Occupation or position held: Green-house worker
Main activities and responsibilities:
Planting, packing tomatoes and cucumbers, picking tomatoes and cucumbers ,sorting tomatoes, taking care of plants,cleaning, implementation of sales tomatoes, customer service, execution of routine work.

Work Experience 2

From: 07.2011
To: 04.2012
Occupation or position held: Farm worker
Main activities and responsibilities:
Responsible for the daily nutrition and animal health of the pigs including feeding, insemination, heat detection, collecting semens from boars, castration, clipping teeth, cleaning, maintaining water and feed system, vaccination, vitamin and medical shots; breeding, gestation and farrowing.

Work Experience 3

From: 08.2012
To: 09.2014
Occupation or position held: Electrician
Main activities and responsibilities:
Repair 154/35/10/6 kV power distribution equipment, electrical work. Repair and maintenance of current transformers, voltage transformers, high voltage circuit breakers and disconnectors. Maintenance and repair of generators and electric motors, connection of electric motors. Adjustment of electrical equipment, measurement of the electrical characteristics of the equipment. Measurement of high-speed turn-on characteristics and contact resistances of high voltage switches. Installation and dismantling of high-voltage equipment, current transformers, voltage transformers, arresters, disconnectors, circuit breakers. Maintenance of lighting systems.

Education and Training 1

From: 2004
To: 2008
Title of qualification awarded: Electrician (bachelor)
Organisation: Melitopol Agrotechnological College (Ukraine)
Principal subjects:
Maintenance and repair of automated systems of production, Electric drive, Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering, Installation of electrical equipment, English, Fundamentals of metrology, Labor protection, programming Basics, Electronics, Mechanization.

Education and Training 2

From: 2008
To: 2011
Title of qualification awarded: Power engineer (specialist)
Organisation: Tavria State Agrotechnological University (Ukraine)
Principal subjects:
Electric machines, Maintenance of electrical equipment, Energy Saving, Design of energy systems, Energy management, Heat supply,Lightening, Electrical engineering, Еlectronics and microprocessor technology, English, Mechanization and automation of agriculturak production, Agricultural Managment, Technology of producing of animal husbandry production, Labor protection

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Ukrainian
Other language:
Communication skills:
Sociable, quickly and easily trained, very responsible, ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them, have not harm habits.
Organisational / managerial skills:
Good managerial skills
Computer skills:
Good computer skills, Inermediate level
Other skills:
Driving licence: yes , category "B"
Additional Information:
- Knowledge and experience of modern and leading technologies in farming;
- Knowledge of English language;
- Knowledge and experience in operating equipment of the main power supply systems;
- Experience in performing electrical installation and repair of electrical equipment;
- Experience of working abroad ( SWEDEN - 2009 , USA - 2011-2012 );
- Good computer skills;
- Group 4 admission on electrical safety;
- Experience of tractor driving.

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