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Personal Imformation

First name: Dmitrii
Surname: Trofimiuk
Telephone: +7(911)-660-54-02
Skype: weaponface
E-mail: 1983montana@gmail.com
Sex: male
Date of birth: 09/03/1994
Job Applied For: Receptionist

Work Experience 1

From: 01/07/2014
To: 31/08/2014
Occupation or position held: Receptionist
Main activities and responsibilities:
Provided tourist service including foreign tourists. Cooperated in team. The Managers of the company were satisfied with my responsible attitude to my work.

Work Experience 2

From: 01/06/2015
To: 31/08/2015
Occupation or position held: Receptionist
Main activities and responsibilities:
Booking hotel rooms and excursions around Karelia. An individual approach to every group of tourists. I was one of those who organised excursions around Petrozavodsk for foreign students who came to our university

Work Experience 3

From: 24/05/2016
To: 15/09/2016
Occupation or position held: Ride-attendant
Main activities and responsibilities:
I worked as a ride-attendant, helping tourists to enjoy their time. It gave me great experience not only from the point of view of communicating with people from different countries but also from the point of view of practicing American English.

Education and Training 1

From: 01/09/2001
To: 23/06/2012
Title of qualification awarded: Secondary general education
Organisation: Secondary school № 43 with in-depth study of individual subjects
Principal subjects:
Secondary school № 43. When studying at school I took part in a scientific conference and made a report in Biology "Doping". My work was highly appreciated.

Education and Training 2

From: 13/09/2008
To: 13/12/2010
Title of qualification awarded: Referent-interpreter of the English language
Organisation: Language Centre "Orakul"
Principal subjects:
I studied at the English language school and got a diploma “A referent-interpreter of the English language.

Education and Training 3

From: 01/09/2012
To: 10/06/2016
Title of qualification awarded: Management Of Tourism
Organisation: Russian International Academy for Tourism
Principal subjects:
Studied at the Russian International Academy for Tourism, Management of Tourism. Studying at the university I took part in seminars in Literature. The topic of my presentation was "Poets of the 20th century." The students of our university are given special lectures helping in our future work and then we have some practice at the hotel "Severnaya". We studied psychology, management, traditions and customs of different countries, transport services, geography and history of some countries. And it helped me a lot in my future career. I got a diploma of the Russian International Academy for Tourism which gives me an opportunity to work in European countries.

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Russian
Other language:
Reading - advanced
Speaking - advanced
Writing - advanced
Communication skills:
Good communication skills were gained through my experience as the hotel receptionist in the hotel "Severnaya". Communication with students who came to study at our university from other countries, for example, from Germany and The USA. Later while staying and working in The USA it was not difficult for me to learn and understand international cultures
Computer skills:
Windows, Word for Windows, Excel, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer ,Good command of Microsoft Office™ tools
Other skills:
I enjoy doing sports particularly football, basketball and running. I take part in regional football competitions. I'm fond of music and I'm crazy about beatmaking. I'm also greatly interested in the history of the USA. Besides, I'm deeply interested in American cinematography.
Driving licence: International driver's license

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