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Personal Imformation

First name: Yuliia
Surname: Ponosova
Telephone: +79235849
Skype: Yuly-lyuly
E-mail: yuliiaponosova@gmail.com
Sex: famale
Date of birth: 25.07.1986
Job Applied For: Sales & Marketing

Work Experience 1

From: June'15
To: Present
Occupation or position held: Sales&Marketing
Main activities and responsibilities:
Main Accountabilities
-Negotiations and adding the potential clients: beauty salons, private clients, hotels and pharmacies to the active base
-Carrying out analysis and statistics
-Organizing the presentations for exhibitions

Main Achievements 2015 -2017
-Sales volume increased 4 % in a month
-Stable growth of new clients quantity in active base 10 new clients per month
-Organizing the presentation stand and presenting in 7 exhibitions

Work Experience 2

From: Sep'13
To: May'15
Occupation or position held: Tour Group Agent
Main activities and responsibilities:
Main Accountabilities
-Providing the information about company services
-Promotions elaboration
-Analyze conduction and deployment efficiency
-Commercial projects deployment
-Strategy development
-New employees trainings conduction

Main Achievements 2013-2014
-Sales increase +10% during last 2 months
-Completed trainings on-the job for 7 new employees
-Effective launch of special vouchers for groups - +7% sales increase for groups
-Successful motivation program conduction - +18% sales increase

Work Experience 3

From: May'12
To: June'13
Occupation or position held: Maneger of Tourism
Main activities and responsibilities:
Manager of tourism reporting to Director of tourism

Key figures –
• 10 main supplier (excluding hotels)
• Tourists base: 130 people
• Advertising in the internet (web-site), 46 printing matters
Main Accountabilities
-Personal tours arrangement
-Analyze tours routes
-Negotiations with suppliers
-New directions tours elaboration
-Clients consulting
-Tourist base creation
-Preparation of the advertising materials for booklets and magazines

Main Achievements 2012-2013
-Sales increase 80 tours per month (non-seasonal time) +15% vs PY
-Average sales in seasonal time 137 tours per month
-First place in the completion in sales increase among peers
-Making contract with 4 new suppliers
-Tourists base increase + 37 new permanent clients/+28% vs PY

Education and Training 1

From: 2003
To: 2008
Title of qualification awarded: Economics degree
Organisation: Tomsk State University
Principal subjects:
-Strong organization skills
-Ability to work independently
-Ability to undertsand customers needs
-Strong sales skills

Education and Training 2

From: 2008
To: 2009
Title of qualification awarded: Accounting and Financing
Organisation: Rubicon
Principal subjects:
-Account system
-Financing planning
- A few years work in accounting system
-Payroll calculation
-Taxation returns and accounts reports preparation
-Calculation and deduction insurance for the employees
-Close cooperation with banks
-Responsible for retirement fond
-Improvement of the report system for retirement fond

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Russian
Other language:
Communication skills:
Strong ability to work,sale and understan customers needs,improving and pushing a good seles recorgs.
Ability to work in the team and be a pert of it,motivating others.
Organisational / managerial skills:
-Market Analysis
- Negotiations
- Leadership
-Product Development
-Partnership Relations
-Business communication skills
-Team Training
-Ability to understand foreign culture and customs

Computer skills:
-Very good knowledge of Microsoft Office and Windows base computer applications.

Other skills:
-Ability to work under pressure
-Achieve goals
Driving licence: UAE Driving licence

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