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Personal Imformation

First name: Ioseb (Joss)
Surname: Kechkhuashvili
Telephone: +995597571771
E-mail: Joss_me@yahoo.com
Sex: Mail
Date of birth: 10/18-1969
Job Applied For: Electrician, system engineer of communication syst

Work Experience 1

From: 01/08-1992
To: 12/18-2007
Occupation or position held: Head of the automated data mining department
Main activities and responsibilities:
Systematized processing of the bank working day, everyday and periodic reports, calculation of bank resources.
Support for the healthy state of the local computer network, all computer equipment and various IT services.

Work Experience 2

From: 10/18-2008
To: Real time
Occupation or position held: owner
Main activities and responsibilities:
A private entrepreneur, in the field of security alarm, video control and telemetric control of modular assembly, smart home systems.
I have practical experience of work for more than 8 years, in the field of design and installation of security and surveillance alarm, installation and automated control of electrical circuits, as well as modular assembly of different systems. I can manage and use all kinds of computer equipment and equipment with the use of digital equipment, network equipment.

Education and Training 1

From: 09/01-1986
To: 08/28-1991
Title of qualification awarded: Engineer of system engineering. Master of Engineering Science
Organisation: Georgian Technical Universit
Principal subjects:
Automated control systems, electronic computers
University Communication Chair-Specialist in shortwave and ultrashort wave communication.

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Georgian
Other language:
Russian (clear), English (colloquial)
Communication skills:
Sociable, have experience of communication with people.
Organisational / managerial skills:
I have many years experience of teamwork and labor
Computer skills:
I know the operating system of Windows, office programs like Microsoft Office, graphics programs, photoshop and correl drow, have many years of experience using them. I can configure computer systems based on Windows, Android and others.
I can manage and configure any interface to the computer technology, carry a modular assembly, optimally organize the workplace and remote control.
Other skills:
There is work experience and management of the work collective and have an experience in working with documents of any complexity, have an experience of command and control of tactical groups, I can calculate, modularly assemble and conduct the installation of security and surveillance systems, power supply systems, optimize their operation. Maintain and conduct the verification of the operation of computing, network, analog-digital systems and equipment.
Master on the device of short-wave, ultrashort wave, radio-relay and tropospheric communication.
I can drive a passenger and cargo vehicle, including high cross-country ability.
Have a skills and experience of extreme driving, driving in difficult, high-altitude and off-road conditions.
Driving licence: «B» and «C» category
Additional Information:
I do not smoke, I do not use alcohol, I do not have a criminal liability, I'm not homosexual, I have no predilection for gambling and other bad habits. Balanced, I have a calm nature. Phobias do not suffer, tolerant, not racist, neutral with respect to nationalities.

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