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Personal Imformation

First name: Katsiaryna
Surname: Dzemidziuk
Telephone: +375 44 711 53 54
Skype: ekaterinademidyk
E-mail: kate804@mail.ru
Sex: female
Date of birth: 08/04/1990
Job Applied For: waiter, receptionist, hostel, seller

Work Experience 1

From: 2008
To: 2012
Occupation or position held: Waiter-barmen
Main activities and responsibilities:
Serving the table in accordance with established standards.
Control over the cleanliness, condition and completeness of appliances, utensils and tablecloths and napkins. Replacement of tablecloths and napkins as they become contaminated.
Maintaining cleanliness in the hall.
Knowledge of the menu and study of changes in the menu, knowledge of basic and seasonal dishes and drinks offered to guests.
Advise guests about the peculiarities of food and drinks. Assistance in the preparation of the order. Counseling on the time of cooking.
Receiving orders from the client restaurant.
Serving of dishes and drinks according to the established rules of service.
Adoption of measures to resolve problems arising from the client, within its competence.
Distribution of orders at the place of their execution between the barman and the cook.
Control of the timeliness of preparation and presentation of dishes before serving.
Serving the ordered dishes to guests.
Providing guests with invoices.
Receipt and control of payment of invoices.
Exercising leadership over the waiter's assistant.
Registration of daily reports, registers at the end of the working day.
Decoration of the hall and table setting for various events.
Participation in the monthly rediscounting of dishes.

Work Experience 2

From: 2012
To: 2013
Occupation or position held: waiter

Work Experience 3

From: 2013
To: 2017
Occupation or position held: Specialist in active sales
Main activities and responsibilities:
Customer search, negotiation, personal meetings with the buyer, advising on the company's products, selling goods, additional sales, drafting contracts, invoicing, tracking of payment

Education and Training 1

From: 2009
To: 2012
Title of qualification awarded: Technologist of food industry
Organisation: Brest State Vocational and Technical College of Commerce
Principal subjects:
Organization of production and service at public catering establishments

Education and Training 2

From: 2007
To: 2009
Title of qualification awarded: waiter-barmen
Organisation: Brest State Vocational and Technical College of Commerce
Principal subjects:
Waiter-barmen 5 ranks

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: russion
Other language:
Communication skills:
Customer service and interpersonal skills
Superb written and oral communication skills
Problem solving and negotiation skills
Planning and organizing
Strong team player
Self-starter and strong independent worker
Strong leadership
Computer skills:
Advanced user. Ability to work with basic programs of MS Office (Access, Excel, Power Point, Word, WordPad), graphic editors (Picture Manager, CorelDRAW), programs for sending and receiving e-mail (Outlook Express). I am able to quickly find the necessary information on the Internet, I can work with various browsers (Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Amigo, Internet Explorer). A good knowledge of the features of the Windows operating system.
Driving licence: В
Additional Information:
I am a benevolent, active, positive, young girl, with a great desire to work and earn money.

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