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Personal Imformation

First name: Sergej
Surname: Azaranka
Telephone: +7-965-176-10-24
Skype: azarins22
E-mail: serge.azaren@yahoo.com
Sex: male
Date of birth: 08.05.1976
Job Applied For: Electronics, system technician

Work Experience 1

From: June 2013
To: January 2014
Occupation or position held: Engineer
Main activities and responsibilities:
I worked as a maintenance technician for Russian airline S7 in the flight training department.
On that position I maintained flying training systems - full flight simulators of civil aircrafts (BOEING, AIRBUS). In case of software/hardware/mechanic malfunctions I troubleshot and repaired them.
I took it as a good opportunity
to acquire knowledge in cockpit ambience simulation technologies and solutions that implemented in visual, motion and other systems of the simulator, of how it is organized and works;
to master skills in such areas as cockpit electronics/avionics equipment, power supply system, mechanics & hydraulics used in simulator motion system.

Work Experience 2

From: October 2003
To: February 2011
Occupation or position held: Electronics engineer
Main activities and responsibilities:
My duties were to service and repair of cash and fiscal registers
that comprised performing procedures for initialization/customization to set in operation,
for improvements periodically requiring by tax authority (update firmware, make changes in diagram),
to interface the fiscal registers with a PC, install specialized soft,
to repair electronic or mechanic parts/units of cash registers such as printed circuit boards(PCB), thermo-printers, etc.

Work Experience 3

From: June 1998
To: June 1999
Occupation or position held: Electrician of radio and TV facilities
Main activities and responsibilities:
On that position I maintained receivers, transmitters, feeders and antennas of the SW/HF/UHF bands.
I repaired a variety of signal processing (predistortion, modulation, etc) units.

Education and Training 1

From: 2000
To: 2006
Title of qualification awarded: Systems engineer
Organisation: Belarussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics in Minsk, Belarus
Principal subjects:
Computing machines, systems and networks

Education and Training 2

From: 1995
To: 1998
Title of qualification awarded: Radiotechnician
Organisation: Belarussian State Radioengineering College
Principal subjects:
Manufacturing of radioelectronic devices

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Russian
Other language:
English — I can attend an interview.
Computer skills:
Profound knowledge of analogue, digital, microcomputer-controlled electronics.
Basic knowledge of С/С++/ASSEMBLER programming languages. I am not a programmer.
Strong computer skills at installation/customization of Windows/LINUX operating systems and software.
Other skills:
To see the full CV go to https://jobs.tut.by/resume/e6bd3126ff01727c9b0039ed1f745449425674
Driving licence: No
Additional Information:
Thorough understanding of ALARM systems, SLOT machines, POS terminals;
I am looking for a job in industry or in service.
Temporary/one-off job is possible.

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