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Personal Imformation

First name: Artyom
Surname: Voloshchenko
Telephone: +998933126518
Skype: N/A
E-mail: mister.volk1981@mail.ru
Sex: MAN
Date of birth: 20.08.1981
Job Applied For: Mechanical fitter

Work Experience 1

From: July 15, 2014
To: April 29, 2016
Occupation or position held: mining engineer
Main activities and responsibilities:
:( Engaged in underground mining of tungsten crystal production, drilling and blasting operations, designing and installation of ventilation systems, electro-communication systems, produced control on equipment, installation hoisting winches, developed water supply system, was engaged in designing the processing factory, was engaged in the construction of the processing plant and commissioning, I was engaged in the transportation of ready products , staff assignments, supplying, training operating personnel, engaged in the construction of artificial reservoirs, cleaning and deposition of water for re-use system).

Work Experience 2

From: 9 June 2010
To: July 4, 2014 resigned
Occupation or position held: machinist conveyor 6th rank
Main activities and responsibilities:
:( Troubleshooting conveyors, reloading components, gears, spreaders cleaned spilled material scraper winch, make replacement of rollers and carrying rollers).

Work Experience 3

From: June 20, 2005
To: June 14, 2006
Occupation or position held: Uzbek-American joint venture Zarafshan-Newmont
Main activities and responsibilities:
(repair crushers Tertiary and Quaternary crushing, screening repair, repair sets, engaged in dust suppression, sealing transshipment nodes, workshops ventilation, repair and replacement of gear and drums, has acquired experience in the technology BOBCAT (mini tractor).

Education and Training 1

From: 01 September 1997
To: 21 July 2000
Title of qualification awarded: Plumber repairman industrial equipment of 5 rank.
Organisation: industrial professional college
Principal subjects:
1 Uzbek language 144 3
2 Russian language 35 4
3 Literature 170 4
4 History 130 4
5 The history of the peoples of Uzbekistan 70 4
6 Human and society 68 4
7 Fundamentals of the market economy 77 4
8 Basics of State and Law 25 4
9 Algebra 140 3
10 Geometry 110 3
11 Physics 173 3
12 Astronomy 17 3
13 Chemistry 140 4
14 Biology 40 4
15 Fundamentals of Computer Science 74 3
16 Industrial Automation 26 4
17 Foreign language ---- ----
18 Geography 68 4
19 Physical Culture 134 4
20 Pre-conscription training of youth 134 4
21 electrical engineering 51 4
22 Technical drawing 57 3
23 Materials Science 40 5
24 repair technology 162 4
25 Basics of welding production 51 4
26 Stropalnye work 38 4
27 Tolerance and technical measurement 42 4
28 industrial training 1934 3
29 Graduation qualification exams ---- 5

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: RUSSIAN
Other language:
Communication skills:
, because I think it is a very serious and productive . In my professional career, I was faced with so many equipment ,service ,commissioning ,operation ,repair ,Troubleshooting ,alignment ,construction ,design .
In my practice I have encountered :with the repair and maintenance of grinding mills , maintenance and repair of slurry pumps , dewatering pumps , classifiers ,was the calculation and installation of hydrocyclones , adjusting and repair of the gravity table , engaged in the maintenance and repair of pipe, replacement drums ,replacement rollers ,replacement and repair of drive gears ,replacement and vulcanization of conveyor belt ,Troubleshooting gathering tape ,installation and maintenance of all safety devices on conveyor belts ,Assembly and disassembly of the conveyors ),I made full repair of crushers (cone ,impact , roll , jaw ,screw ) , was a participant in the construction of mining conveyor complex , the repair and replacement of gearboxes ,engaged in the service and repair of Atlas Copco compressors ,repair and maintenance of CAT generators , have experience on (BOBKAT) ,designed and manufactured scraper buckets for cleaning equipment , have experience of manual arc welding , have experience of working in the mine , was engaged in the design and installation of the ventilation system in the mine , commissioning of lifting equipment in the mine , was engaged in the design and development of an artificial reservoir , was engaged in the water purification system , developing a system of drilling and blasting in a confined space , was engaged in designing the ore stockpiling and dumping of dumps was one of the three designers of the construction of processing plants for the extraction of tungsten , have experience in mechanical engineering , carried out repair of the internal combustion engine , made repair the car , have the experience of painting the car , have experience driving 10 ton dump truck . I believe that these skills I can contribute to your serious production .
Hardworking , find a common language with different people , the work is always carried out assigned tasks before me , have a lot of rationalization proposals with the aim of improving productivity ,with the lowest cost . I have no bad habits ,law-abiding ,do not judge , Executive in the work ,are fluent in English ( spoken form), communicative .
Organisational / managerial skills:
He was the head of the mine in Uganda. Head Factory for production valframa. selection and training of the working personnel and taught people .proektiroval drilling blasting,
Computer skills:
I have very good experience with a computer.
Other skills:
(repair of pipelines, elimination of the vanishing of the conveyor belt, the replacement and repair of drums, replacing the rollers, the vulcanization of the conveyor belt, drum, replacing liners in transshipment nodes, repair of crushers and repair spreader).engaged (engine repair, running gear, welding case, primer, straightening, painting car bodies, as well as experience gained in the curing).(shredding mills, classifiers, hydro-cyclones, water pumps, slurry pumps, gravity tables, conveyor).
Driving licence: Cars and trucks
Additional Information:
Starting June 20, 2006 to May 30, 2010 was engaged in cargo transportation by car "Kamaz" which does not have records in the labor book.I engaged in cargo transportation. Extreme have experience driving in a mountainous locality, driving in the desert sand.

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