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Personal Imformation

First name: Peshkova Julia
E-mail: peshkovajulia@mail.ru
Job Applied For: social worker

Work Experience 1

From: 2005
To: 2008
Occupation or position held: Assistant accountant
Main activities and responsibilities:
Invoicing, tax, acts. Delivery of reports. Communication with customers. Preparation of orders and administration of HR documentation.

Work Experience 2

From: 2008
To: 2013
Occupation or position held: Administrator
Main activities and responsibilities:
Providing effective operation and maintenance of cultural visitors and creating comfortable conditions for them.
Monitoring the compliance with the employees of the organization of labor and keep discipline, rules and safety standards, safety requirements of occupational health and hygiene.
Inform the leadership of the organization in case of any deficiencies in the service of visitors, take measures to eliminate them.
Organization and effective communication with clients’ beauty salon.
babysitting clients, which meant developing games

Work Experience 3

From: 2013
To: 2016
Occupation or position held: Duty work
Main activities and responsibilities:
Supervise the work of the escalator.
Movement control, passengers safety
First aid to victims.

Education and Training 1

From: 2012
To: 2016
Title of qualification awarded: Social worker
Organisation: Kharkiv State Academy of Culture

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Russion
Other language:
Englich - basic
Communication skills:
- Education, development and socialization.
- Maintenance, monitoring, control and security.
- Psycho-pedagogical control. Care for children.
- Education and development of a culture of health and healthy lifestyles, recreation and leisure activities.
- Education and development of a culture of communication and speech.
- Education and development of beauty culture and style.
Computer skills:
- Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power point Outlook.
- Internet
- Messengers: ICQ, Skype , Viper and What's App
Additional Information:
Intelligent and respectable, educated and cultured, responsible and punctual, creative and hard-working, self-contained and secure, energetic and leading a healthy lifestyle, loving children and children respecting the identity of a woman without family, housing and financial problems.
Positive and sociable, easy contact with children and young people, education, education, development and socialization are built entirely in accordance with individual characteristics and tendencies of the ward. Each individual child can see a complete and harmonious personality with great intellectual and creative potential, directing all its efforts on its most complete realization. Leading the basis of any relationship I consider mutual trust, mutual respect and understanding. I am able to create an atmosphere of easy communication and psychological comfort. It is possible a preparation of children to school, as well as private lessons in Russian and Ukrainian language and literature.

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