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Personal Imformation

First name: Anastasiya
Surname: Dyatchenko
Telephone: +79821573132
Skype: kosheleva199002
E-mail: kosheleva199002@mail.ru
Sex: women's
Date of birth: 16/02/1990
Job Applied For: multi-skilled hairdresser

Work Experience 1

From: 2012
To: 2016
Occupation or position held: multi-skilled hairdresser
Main activities and responsibilities:
The hairstyle is man's, female, children's. Coloring of any complexity. Work with change of structure volos:khim.zavivka, radical volume, keratinoterapiya. Washing of the head.

Education and Training 1

From: 2007
To: 2009
Title of qualification awarded: junior specialist
Organisation: Mariupolsky technical school of the Donetsk national university of economy and trade of Mikhail Tugan-Baranovsky
Principal subjects:
Spetsialnost:tovarovedeniye and commercial деятельность.Квалификация:Товаровед-комерсант

Education and Training 2

From: January, 2011
To: October, 2011
Title of qualification awarded: Master multi-skilled hairdresser
Organisation: NKTs" Institute of computer technologies" Mariupol
Principal subjects:
Hairdresser's art.
I completed a skill increase course "Echosline technical course. The hair stylist of Alenando Fionii.Ot saw off on April 26, 2013 to Donetsk
On November 19, 2014 I completed a full course of training in the program "Technology of keratin recovery and a hair straightening" to Nizhnevartovsk. The category Master is appropriated. The certificate is received.
In September, 2015 I passed Kursk of training in the program "Boost hair" in Nizhnevartovs. The category Master is appropriated. The certificate is received
October, 2015 I completed a course on advanced training "Okrashevaniye:sedy hair"
December, 2015 I completed a course on advanced training "All types of coloring. Difficult coloring" 19.02.2015 in Nizhnevartovs I listened to a survey seminar of Spa-shugaring. The certificate is received.
01.12.2015 in Nizhnevartovs I completed a course with the theory and working off "A medical pedicure". The certificate is received. The category Master is appropriated.

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Ukrainian
Other language:
Communication skills:
In perfection I know Ukrainian and Russian. Knowledge of English at the level of the school program

Organisational / managerial skills:
To be able to agree with clients... To manage competently personnel... To be a professional in the business... To be able to resolve the conflicts... Efficiency of business processes... To be able to risk and bear responsibility... Effective organizational communications... To be able to support in itself motivation to achievement of goals... To be able to place priorities in life... To be fair... To be able to be on friendly terms... To be familiar with the necessary people... The nobility, what you want from life... To be able to prove the point of view, to convince of the correctness.
Computer skills:
Experienced user: MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, Access), work experience in the Internet (Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) and e-mail (Outlook Express).
Other skills:
I am able to begin affairs and to bring them to a successful completion.
Regularly I study and I improve skills (seminars and webinars of ABV school are pleasant, it is signed on news of the website of hairdresser's art, I participate in industry conferences).
Driving licence: I have no
Additional Information:
Married. daughter, 3 months

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