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Personal Imformation

First name: Valerii
E-mail: kolada@bk.ru
Sex: male
Date of birth: 31.08.1982
Job Applied For: Part time worker (job for 1-3 summer months)

Work Experience 1

From: 6.2005
To: 9.2005
Occupation or position held: Season Worker
Main activities and responsibilities:
Picking and packing strawberries, onion, potatoes, associated works and work per hour.

Work Experience 2

From: 11.2007
To: 05.2009
Occupation or position held: Agriculture Trainee
Main activities and responsibilities:
Works on tractor (gathering and transportation of grain, fodder and chemicals), repairs of mechanisms and equipment of farm, feeding, nursing and medical treatment of piglets and sows.

Work Experience 3

From: 11.2010
To: 06.2011
Occupation or position held: Engineer Ecologist
Main activities and responsibilities:
Scientific, technical and ecological background for forestry projects. Analysis of project documentation, normative and methodological documents, degradation processes diagnostics, land management and remediation.

Education and Training 1

From: 09.1999
To: 05.2005
Title of qualification awarded: agronomist, specialization - agriculture ecology
Organisation: Kharkiv National Agrarian University n.a.V.V. Dokuchaev
Principal subjects:
Agriculture Chemistry, Soil Science, Ecology, Land Farming, Breeding, Genetic. Graduated with Honor with recommendations for post graduate studying.

Education and Training 2

From: 09.2002
To: 03.2003
Title of qualification awarded: English Language Translator
Organisation: Center of Foreign Languages “Interlink”
Principal subjects:
Reading, Speaking, Writing, Grammar. Fluent English speaking with proficient writing and reading skills.

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Russian, Ukrainian
Other language:
English, Danish, Polish.
Communication skills:
Presentations and numerous meetings with a lot of friends in Ukraine and abroad. Optimistic life views, Intelligent and high motivated.
Organisational / managerial skills:
Supervising in associated works (painting and construction works), organization of international cooperation workgroup in institution (NSC ISSAR) and management of Soil Erosion Protection Laboratory in institution.
Computer skills:
MS Office 2010, Statistic7, MapInfo9.
Other skills:
I like such kinds of sports as gymnastics, crossfit, athletics
Play on music instruments(guitar and accordeon)

Driving licence: B, tracktor
Additional Information:
I am looking for a part-time job in Europe during summer period. I have driver skills, worked on telescopic handler ("Manitou", France), worked with machines and tools, located on farm, helped to take care of animals, nursing and healing of pigs and piglets.

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