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Personal Imformation

First name: Ivan
Surname: Rud
Telephone: +38-095-209-54-30
Skype: Vanyatko84
E-mail: iwan.ryd@yandex.ru
Sex: male
Date of birth: 19.08.1984
Job Applied For: A worker,student or any other options

Work Experience 1

From: 2010
To: 2011
Occupation or position held: Sales representative
Main activities and responsibilities:
1.Weenie negotiations
2.Thalacemia contracts
3.Cantrol supplies
4.increase client base
5.control receivables

Work Experience 2

From: 2012
To: 2013
Occupation or position held: Sales Manager
Main activities and responsibilities:
1.Work with clients
3.Advising clients
4.Display showcase
5.Control of the supply of goods
6.Execution of sales plans

Work Experience 3

From: 2013
To: 2014
Occupation or position held: Сборщик корпусной мебели
Main activities and responsibilities:
1.Assembly of parts of furniture
2.Cutting chipboard
3.Installation of furniture
4.Measuring the space for installation of furniture
5.Layout details

Education and Training 1

From: 2000
To: 2002
Title of qualification awarded: Light industry
Organisation: Belotserkovsky Higher Vocational School N12
Principal subjects:
The subjects that were taught at this institution:
Production technology vzutteva
Equipment with the basics of electrical engineering
Design principles and design shoes
Informatics and automation of production
The foundations of a market economy and economic services.
During this time, she interned in experimental (especially the fashion shop), where did those models which were invented by the designers of the plant, as well as doing custom model shoes

Education and Training 2

From: 2005
To: 2006
Title of qualification awarded: The wood-processing industry
Organisation: Kiev Higher Vocational School of Wood-processing
Principal subjects:
Taught these subjects:
1.The material science
2.Technical drawing
3.The basis of the industrial economy
4.Information technology
6.Ukrainian busines
During this time, we were taught to work at a wood-processing machines, inlay veneer, furniture modeling

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Ukrainian
Other language:
English-basic skills
Communication skills:
Can easily find common language with any age type people, sociable, communicative, adequately respond to criticism. stress-resistant.
Computer skills:
Advanced PC user. Freely work with Microsoft Office, Internet browsers, Zoner Fhoto Studio, CS4-as a user, Frutti Loops 9-the average user.
Other skills:
He studied at the school of the arts in the class of decorative and applied art, woodcarving, and now in my spare time when the availability of materials and time to make art carving some things that I do. Keen Amateur photography, this is one of my most important hobby, and have a very bad result. I love to travel, have been to many places in Ukraine, fond of psychology at the Amateur level (in real life, never superfluous, this science does not exist), create music in the music editor Frutti Loops, Hobbies and the fact that I can do a lot, that's only one downside to this all still there-not enough time!!!
Driving licence: Not have
Additional Information:
In view of the difficult situation in Ukraine, want to move to work and live in another country and find a decent job! Roses look different variants of vacancies and countries, but preference will be Italy or France. Variants of vacancies can be different, can say only one thing, at work I will give, and I would make a great employee. Thanks in advance for your reply. Sincerely Rud Ivan.

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