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Personal Imformation

First name: Tatyana
Surname: Lysenko
Telephone: +7 (916) 156 23 84
Skype: tlysenko2
E-mail: TLysenko_1@mail.ru
Sex: female
Date of birth: 09/04/1969

Work Experience 1

From: 2011
To: 2016
Occupation or position held: Head of division the Department of Information Technology
Main activities and responsibilities:
Preparation, conclusion of contracts and implementation of tender projects such as:
- deliveries of machinery and equipment;
- supply;
- software development and implementation;
- IR services;
- technical support and maintenance of software, equipment, etc.

Technical support contracts and support at all stages and life cycles;
- Review of Contracts - (the recommendations addressing the errors, omissions, examination of specifications according to the conditions of the spent competition, etc. in the terms established by the regulations);
Monitoring compliance with all contracts, it DEPARTMENT regarding the operation of the network, contracts, supplies equipment, information and consulting, maintenance and hardware technical support, maintenance and technical support of the software, license and sublicense, etc.;
The formation of the draft budget for the year on forms approved Budget of Bank regulations:
- The collection and processing of data to execute the process of expenditure planning;
- Organization of procedure of formation, approval and execution (cost estimates by object of expenditures) budget within the Department;
The monitoring of implementation of the approved Budget of the Department of information technology;

Work Experience 2

From: 2009
To: 2011
Occupation or position held: Chief of the Department of Contract Control
Main activities and responsibilities:
Expediting and coordinating the contracts made by departmental subdivisions and the documents of the Technical Directorate.
Preparing, for the Finance Directorate, the draft annual budget in a form approved by MGTS Budget Regulations.
Preparing, for the Finance Directorate, data to correct budget entries of the subdivisions within the approved budget.
Monitoring and implementing the approved plan of income and expenditure of the Technical Directorate.
Controlling the discipline of the departments, responsible to the Technical Director, for contracts & procurement within the budget

Work Experience 3

From: 2003
To: 2009
Occupation or position held: Head of Contracts, Management and Budgeting of IT Department. From 2009 onwards, head of Contract wor
Main activities and responsibilities:
Preparing and implementing project tenders for the supply of machinery and equipment.
Preparing and implementing technical and maintenance support.
Implementing all DIT contracts related to the network, equipment leasing, contracts, and equipment supply to the regions and giving advice etc.
Procedural work related to the tendering of all contracts for the supply of machinery, equipment and software to the Central Office (CO) and the IT regional departments.
Procedural work related to preparing the IT budgets of the Central Office (CO) and the regional offices of RGS.
Involvement in the contractual work and the budget of large-scale projects of the RGS.
Resolving technology services issues and defect problems.
Consulting with the IT-specialists of the regional offices and coordinating the purchase of machinery and equipment, etc;
Ensuring the IT - specialists of the regional offices make a proper budget, inventory and acquire machinery and equipment, within their budget etc.
Coordination and control of equipment purchased by the regional directorates (i.e. the economic and technical compliance of the equipment to ongoing projects and RGS standards).
Preparation of documentation for the Department of Accounting and Reporting (Preparations for the payment of all accounts of the DIT, payments to suppliers according to the contracts and agreements).
The preparation and implementation of project tenders for the supply of technology to the regional offices of Rosgosstrakh.
Providing technical support for concluding contracts, monitoring of compliance and enforcing contractual obligations
Tracking the delivery of machinery to the regions. Resolving technical issues and defects problems.
Procedural work in the preparation of budgets.
Working with major suppliers of technical and computer equipment such as D-line, Kroc Inc, Apex-world copy JSC, "Jet Infosystems" etc.
Investigating the best offers for the supply of equipment to the regions and the central office of RGS.

Education and Training 1

From: 1983
To: 1987
Title of qualification awarded: specializing in accountancy in construction.
Organisation: Secondary technical. The Moscow Assembly College "USSR Minmontazhspetsstroy"
Principal subjects:
Accounting in construction
Economy in construction

Education and Training 2

From: 1997
To: 1999
Title of qualification awarded: specializing in training economists
Organisation: Higher Degree. The Humanitarian and Environmental Institute
Principal subjects:
banking industry

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: russian
Other language:
Knowledge of English Can read and translate with the help of a dictionary.
Communication skills:
I am balanced, quiet, and sociable and prefer to compromise in dispute management.
I am a very demanding person used to high performance both from myself and the people who work in my team.
I have a high level of interpersonal skills, good organizational skills and attention to detail.
I am highly adaptable to a new environment and have a healthy sense of humor.
My hobbies are traveling and sports.
Organisational / managerial skills:
Experienced in conducting negotiations with clients.
Experienced in developing corporate business.
Knowledgeable about marketing, management and personel administration.
Computer skills:
Personal computer at a good user level.
Operating systems and environments - Windows; DOS;
Text editors - MS Word; Open Office;
Spreadsheets - MS Excel;
Database management systems - MS Access; Oracle;
Specialized software - Lotus Notes, HP Service Desk, Outlook, SAP
Driving licence: Have driving license
Additional Information:
I am not married and my home address is: Moscow Region, Mytishchi-5, Lermontov Street

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