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Personal Imformation

First name: Opinca
Surname: Violetta
Skype: violetta dania
E-mail: violettadania
Sex: femin
Date of birth: 03/02/74
Job Applied For: cosmetologist-beautician / psychologist

Work Experience 1

From: 01/08/2001
To: 01/11/2006
Occupation or position held: преподаватель изобразительного искусства
Main activities and responsibilities:
The functions and duties of the teacher of Fine Art:

• organization of training subjects 'Arts' students in grades 1-8, in accordance with the federal component of the state standard of general education, psycho-
physiological characteristics of the students and specificity
taught subject;
• methodical work on the subject (participation in the methodical association, methodical council, the teachers' council, etc.);
• educational and advisory work with stakeholders
the educational process; • work to improve professional skills.
• Provides training and education of students in accordance with their
psychological and physiological characteristics and specificity of the subject taught, promotes the formation of a common culture of personality, socialization, informed choice and development of educational programs, using a variety of forms, techniques, methods and tools for learning, educational technologies, including information and digital resources.
• Reasonably selects programs and training and methodological support, including digital educational resources.
• Conduct training sessions, based on the latest achievements in the field of art and modern technology, pedagogical and psychological sciences, age
psychology and school health, as well as modern information technology
and teaching methods.
• Plans and implements training
process in accordance with the educational program of the educational institution, if necessary, develop a work program on the subject, based on the approximate exchange rate of basic educational
programs and ensure its implementation, organizes and supports a variety of learning activities, focusing on the individual student, the development of
motivation, cognitive interests, abilities, self-organized learning activities, including research, problem-based learning implements, communicates on the subject of training (courses and programs) with
practice, discusses with the students current developments in modern science and the arts.
• Provides achievement and proof of studying levels of education
• Evaluates the effectiveness and learning outcomes of students in the subject, given the development of knowledge, mastery of skills, the development experience of creative activity, cognitive interest of students using computer technology, including word processors and spreadsheets in their work.
• Respect the rights and freedoms of students, support educational discipline, mode of attendance, respect for human dignity, honor and reputation of the students.
• Carries out monitoring and evaluation activities in the educational process
• Make suggestions to improve the educational process in the school.
• Participates in the activities of teaching and other educational institution boards, as well as in the activities of teaching unions and other forms of methodical work.
• Provides protection of the life and health of students during the educational process.
• Liaise with parents (or persons in loco parentis).
• Performs regulations on labor protection and fire safety.

Work Experience 2

From: 01/11/2006
To: 02/04/2007
Occupation or position held: manicurist
Main activities and responsibilities:

- Development trends of modern fashion and nail design;
- The structure and diseases of the skin and nails;
- Methods and techniques of massage hands;
- The rules, methods and techniques of performing nail works and design and nail;
- Shaping techniques and nail decoration;
- Device and operating equipment and tools;
- The appointment of instruments used, methods of using them and the rules for their storage;
- Types of materials, products, properties, function and application rates;
- The basics of composition and pattern; - Methods of first aid;
- The rules of consumer services;
- Instructions for safe maintenance in the workplace;
- Methods and techniques of safe work performance;
- CPR and first aid to victims of injury and sudden illness;
- Internal regulations;
- The rules of occupational safety, industrial hygiene and personal hygiene;
- Fire safety rules.

Work Experience 3

From: 02/01/2009
To: to the present day
Occupation or position held: cosmetologist-beautician
Main activities and responsibilities:
The chief executive and functional responsibilities cosmetologist:
• Conduct workshops and presentations for employees and customers;
• Execution of aesthetic cosmetology face:
- Massage the face, neck, chest and scalp,
- Facial Cleansing: medical, sanitary, vacuum, atraumatic and others
- Imposition of nutrients, moisturizers, anti-aging, disinfectants and others. Masks
- Conduct exfoliating procedures
- Correction of eyebrows, eyebrow and eyelash, eyelash perm,
- Applying makeup,
- The application of permanent make-up;
• Execution of aesthetic care of the body:
-epilyatsiya and shugaring,
-programs figure correction,
-parafinovye and other wraps;
• The use of hardware cosmetology;
• Determine the type of the client's skin and the appointment of the relevant procedures;
• Selection and preparation of the protocol procedures individually for each client;
• Advise patients on how to care for the face and body;
• Making the necessary medical documentation;
• Compliance with the rules of sanitation and hygiene;

In addition, beauticians engaged in the following:
• Builds lashes;
• Conducts customer presentations;
• Conduct workshops for salon;
• Sells professional beauty products;
• Periodically improve their professional qualifications.

Education and Training 1

From: 09/2004
To: 06/2010
Title of qualification awarded: psychology, education, speech therapy
Organisation: State Pedagogical University "Ion Creanga"
Principal subjects:
Professional competence of the teacher-psychologist is seen as a complex psychological education, which is the basis of his successful career, includes a system of activity-role (knowledge and skills) and personal (professional qualities) characteristics. For the effective implementation of professional activities psychologist is necessary to possess sufficient knowledge about the socio-psychological situation in the educational institution, be able to determine the prospects of their professional development and the development of psychological services in general. Important to be able to exercise the choice of optimal strategies for interacting with various agencies within and outside the educational institution. Must possess the following qualities: • sustainable well-being in the course of working with people;
• the need for communication;
• the ability to mentally put yourself in the other person;
• Quickly understand the intentions, thoughts, moods of others;
• Quickly understand in human relations;
• good to remember and keep in mind the knowledge of the personal qualities of many different people and so on ...

He should be characterized by:
- The ability to lead, to teach, to educate;
- The ability to listen and hear;
- Broad-minded;
- Speech (communicative) culture;
- The decision of non-standard situations;
-high degree of self-regulation.

Education and Training 2

From: 09/2000
To: 03/2001
Title of qualification awarded: cosmetologist-beautician
Organisation: school trades
Principal subjects:
Professional beauticians will carefully listen to your complaints, conduct diagnostics, analysis of results, determine the reasons for the formation of skin blemishes, and appoint an effective program to address them perform cosmetic treatments, massages, manicures, smooth scars and eliminate defects, teach the client how to live a healthy life, how to eat and care for the skin of his body, remove excess hair growth on the body. Estheticians are increasingly began to be in demand among men who have skin problems.
Also owns various techniques of makeup, day, evening, catwalk, photo and video makeup, wedding makeup, makeup for older makeup for advertising projects and create an image

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Russian
Other language:
Romanian, English, French
Communication skills:
Find common ground with people of different views, beliefs and nationalities .Mogu find compromises and negotiate with business partners
Organisational / managerial skills:
- Spoken verbal communication.
- To detect, identify, and find a solution.
- Spend analysis of our own actions and deeds.
Computer skills:
Spoken basic computer skills
Other skills:
skillfully combines knowledge of medicine, art and psychology in his work, from which get enormous pleasure!
Driving licence: "В" category driving a car
Additional Information:
purposeful, diligent, active, mobile, constantly raise the level of knowledge in various branches

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