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Personal Imformation

First name: Nikolay
Surname: Prokhorov
Telephone: +38099 249 16 14 ; +38093 741 01 09
Skype: p.kolya71
E-mail: p.kolya23@i.ua
Sex: man
Date of birth: 23.03.1971
Job Applied For: carpenter , woodworker , Cabinetmaker

Work Experience 1

From: February 2014
To: Until now
Occupation or position held: Technological furniture designer
Main activities and responsibilities:
Design and technological development of furniture and furniture made of natural wood for individual orders.

Work Experience 2

From: November 2012
To: August 2013
Occupation or position held: The foreman of furniture
Main activities and responsibilities:
The organization, task management and production team;
Admission, planning and control orders;
Order furniture accessories;
Solution production issues;
Distribution and planning scope of work in the shop;
Negotiating with clients and contracts, expansion of the customer base of the department;
Quality control of technological operations (cutting, edging, drilling, etc.);
Compliance with minimum lead times;
Compliance with technology standards, rules, and security at work.

Work Experience 3

From: September 1998
To: July 2010
Occupation or position held: carpenter , Cabinetmaker
Main activities and responsibilities:
Manufacturing complex furniture, doors, windows, arches, stairs and other products made of solid wood with the possible application of veneering, veneering, lamination, without thread;
Making facades and decorative elements;
Restoration of furniture; Production projects and technology development projects for the entire plant.

Education and Training 1

From: February 1997
To: July 1998
Title of qualification awarded: Carpenter, cabinetmaker, woodworker
Organisation: Shipyard after "61 Communars"
Principal subjects:
retraining courses: carpenter, cabinetmaker

Education and Training 2

From: 09.1988
To: 06.1993
Title of qualification awarded: Faculty - Physical Training and Sports, Teacher
Organisation: Pedagogical Institute im.Belinskogo Nikolaev city

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Russian
Other language:
Ukrainian ; basic English
Communication skills:
sociable I can find a common language
Computer skills:
advanced user, I know of the PRO 100 programs and cutting sheet material.
Other skills:
be master of-the drywall and plumbing
Driving licence: no
Additional Information:
17 years of experience in joinery (by removing the size calculation to installation and finishing work) for preparation of a Doors, Stairs, arbors, pergolas, timber frame houses of houses from laminated veneer lumber and logs. Natural furniture and particleboard. Making facades and decorative elements. I know hand and stationary equipment. Independent components and understand blueprints, hardware know, I know finishing work. Versed in the paint materials. Experience with precious woods, as well as with the veneer of valuable species, carvings and restoration. Professional wood turners. Served lathe work on machines without a copier.
PC: experienced user, I know of the PRO 100 programs and cutting sheet material.

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