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Personal Imformation

First name: Roman
Surname: Pogrebnyak
Telephone: +380990577995
E-mail: megaoazis@mail.ru
Sex: men
Date of birth: 24.07.1981
Job Applied For: Electrical Engineer

Work Experience 1

From: 26.07.2000
To: Until now
Occupation or position held: section chief
Main activities and responsibilities:
Comprises a device according to the requirements. I produce quality and timely execution of work according to schedule maintenance and others to develop plans.
In the event of device failures take measures for their quick elimination, following the order of works, identify the causes of failure and their recurrence rule in the catchment area, and am submitting proposals aimed at preventing failures.
Performs work on amendments to the existing electrical wiring devices
Provides safety and good order of equipment, inventory and tools, as well as technical documentation.
When accidents render first aid to the victims, if necessary, take measures to deliver them to the nearest hospital and reported the incident to the Chief.
Provides on the fixed portion of the maintenance, repair and uninterrupted operation of the devices directly supervise Senior electrician and team leader, maintenance and repair of equipment, strengthening the collective labor and technological discipline.
To coordinate schedules maintenance with the analysis of labor costs for each type of work.
I develop organizational and technical measures, plans for repair, replacement, modernization of equipment and ensure their implementation.
I plan to work on amendments to the existing electrical wiring devices approved by the technical documentation, and developed in conjunction with senior electrician technologies and programs of works by switching devices and the correct operation of devices

Work Experience 2

Main activities and responsibilities:
I have experience in the installation and maintenance of satellite TV, alarm, intercom, video surveillance, air conditioning for more than 6 years.

Education and Training 1

From: 1996
To: 2000
Title of qualification awarded: technician Electrician
Organisation: Artemovskii Railway College
Principal subjects:
received a diploma in maintenance and repair automated systems of traffic management was qualified technician electrician

Education and Training 2

From: 2004
To: 2008
Title of qualification awarded: Electrical Engineer
Organisation: the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport
Principal subjects:
received a bachelor's degree basic higher education in the specialty "Automation and computer technology of integration" qualification obtained bachelor's degree in automation and computer-technology federated in 2007
diploma complete higher education in specialty "Automatics and automation of transport" and qualified electrical engineer in 2008.

Personal Skills

Driving licence: B

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