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Personal Imformation

First name: Oleg
Surname: Ekaterinin
Telephone: +79045518406
Skype: ekaterinin.oleg.a
E-mail: elc-eoa@mail.ru
Sex: male
Date of birth: 19/01/1962
Job Applied For: engineering disciplins

Work Experience 1

From: 05/2014
To: 10/2015
Occupation or position held: Maintenance Building Manager
Main activities and responsibilities:
A provision and ensuring of operability of engineering systems of electric energy supplying, gas and heat supplying for instance. A control under their running properly. A work with subcontractor's organizations providing a service within construction and refurbishment office building as well. A control of their making job quality. An interaction with State Authority and Energy supplying organizations and tenant's authorities. Cooperation with the organizations who rent offices in business Centre. Ensuring of supervisors over subcontractor's jobs by refurbishment office building.

Work Experience 2

From: 02/2013
To: 02/2014
Occupation or position held: Projects engineer (contract job)
Main activities and responsibilities:
A survey, examination and check up of transportation routes for delivering extra heavy and extra height goods like energy equipment by module trailer for too long distance. Making agreements with maintenance, servicing and operating organizations or guilds of electric wires for passing trailers and goods under below hanging cables. The escort and convoy for transportation goods on the trailers like Faimonville, Scheuerle and connecting to electric staff. Interaction with roads maintenance enterprises for provision the extra doing turning radiuses. Taking parts in making Project of transportation extra heavy, extra width, extra weight and extraordinary goods by Federal roads and by the roads in different regions. A teamwork while a transportation in progress

Work Experience 3

From: 07/2007
To: 05/2010
Occupation or position held: The Chief Engineer
Main activities and responsibilities:
Startup a new object (Refrigerator Warehouse) after completion building. Ensuring the functioning of engineering warehouse systems: compressors and electric equipment of refrigeration units, electric power supplying. A control under efficiency of Gas boiler heating, Sewage Pumping station, Storm Water Pumping Station, Ventilation systems of industrial premises and administrative building. An interaction with regulatory authorities (Fire Protect Authority, Gas Supervision Authority, Electric Supplying Control Authority), supplying organizations , control over the commissioning of engineering systems, acceptance of their operation and their further exploitation, a work with contractors, general contractor , monitoring of loading equipment , storage equipment (inspection , monitoring, preventive maintenance, a renovation). A leadership team of mechanics, etc

Education and Training 1

From: 2010
To: 2011
Title of qualification awarded: ESOL level 3
Organisation: Derby City Colledge The United Kingdom
Principal subjects:
English language

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Russian
Other language:
Communication skills:
Responsibility. Initiative. Curiosity
Organisational / managerial skills:
Recordkeeping. A team leadership. The high degree of studying.
Computer skills:
The user: WORD, EXCEL, Inernet
Other skills:
An experience of cars repairing.
Driving licence: B

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