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Personal Imformation

First name: Yevginiy
Surname: Akimov
E-mail: aes13m@gmail.com
Sex: men
Date of birth: 13/10/1974
Job Applied For: mechanic work

Work Experience 1

Main activities and responsibilities:
2012 –present time LLC «GARANT Autotechnique » Kyiv
Repairing and maintenance of the vehicles: Toyota, Lexsus, Subaru, Mazda
2009-2012 LLC «Japan Zip» , Kyiv
Repairing and maintenance of vehicles: Toyota, Lexsus, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, Acura
At the same time worked as a mechanic sports team Drift .
2004-2009 LLC «Lion Аrt Service», Kyiv
Repairing and maintenance of vehicles Honda, Acura
1998-2004 PE Gurevich , Kharkiv
Repairing and maintenance of vehicles: Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi
1196-1998 PR Sotnik, Odessa Repairing and maintenance of vehicles
Job responsibilities and achievements :
Repairing and maintenance of vehicles, control of technical condition of vehicles using the diagnostic equipment and devices. Disassembly and assembly of units and aggregates of the car, car diagnostics, complete and timely vehicle maintenance, repair components and assemblies of automobiles, machinery and parts. Tuning engines, manual and automatic transmissions to increase the cardinality and speed characteristics of the cars.

Driving licence: Categories : А, В1, B
English language - basic level.
Computer - an experienced user. Working with original special programs.

I possess all the necessary qualities to succeed in their chosen field of activity. I have good knowledge of the device and features car repairing. 18- year-experience in this area. I am energetic, outgoing, have creative thinking, determination, perseverance, desire to work and to improve. I do not have bad habits, lead a healthy lifestyle.
If you are interested in, I can send a portfolio.

Education and Training 1

Principal subjects:
1990 – 1993 Higher vocational school № 15 Illichivs'k
1993-1998 Kharkiv Automobile Institute
specialty: engineer, locksmith, ship repairman, sailor, 2nd class mechanic.

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