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Personal Imformation

First name: Vyacheslav
Surname: Khimich
Telephone: +380506363599
Skype: khimich189
E-mail: khimich189@gmail.com
Sex: male
Date of birth: 25.07.1992
Job Applied For: Pastry and chocolate assistant

Work Experience 1

From: February 2006
To: August 2012
Occupation or position held: Creater, Owner
Main activities and responsibilities:
Rented vending coffee machines from the company "Nestle Poltava" and created coffee machines network and managed 10 machines. Supervising and maintaining all machines

Work Experience 2

From: September 2010
To: July 2014
Occupation or position held: Regional head for the Italian coffee brand "Carraro" in the Poltava region
Main activities and responsibilities:
Started to wholesale and retail coffee. Rental of coffee equipment ,coffee machines and coffee accessories to restaurants, Coffee houses and Pastry Shops.
Opened coffee shop specializing in preparation and sale of hot and cold beverages. Retail coffee and tea. Preparation of desserts. Currently, passed him for a rent

Work Experience 3

From: December 2014
To: June 2015
Occupation or position held: Pastry Intern
Main activities and responsibilities:
1. Worked with respectful chefs from one and two Michelin stars restaurants.
2. Participated in serving weddings, banquets.
3. Private dinning.
4. Preparation desserts for cake trolley.
5. Baking bread, cookies.
6. Worked with chocolate. Chocolate molded pralines,truffles. Chocolate decoration.
7. Preparation desserts for Prisma(one Michelin star restaurant in Park Hotel Vitznau)
8. Helped for main kitchen and grill.
9. Breakfast.

Education and Training 1

From: July 2014
To: December 2014
Title of qualification awarded: Certificate in Swiss Pastry and Chocolate Arts
Organisation: Culinary Art Academy in Lucerne

Education and Training 2

From: September 2009
To: April 2015
Title of qualification awarded: BA in Management organization
Organisation: Poltava University of Economy and Trade

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Ukrainian
Other language:
Russian, English
Communication skills:
I am a dynamic and hard-working person seeking a role in Pastry and Chocolate Art in order to expand and develop my skills and knowledge in this area. I am passionate and dedicated to what i do. I perform well under pressure and can work both independently and in a group as part of a team.
Computer skills:
Microsoft Office
Driving licence: B
Additional Information:
My PASSION is the satisfied customer! To see their beautiful smile after tasting a really delicious product! I am writing to you as I am looking for position in pastry, chocolate and confectionary field. I love to work with chocolate! Thanks to yours type of establishment I can connect my life with the “Sweet World” and where I can fulfill my passion.
My Advantages:
- I was student at the CULINARY ARTS ACADEMY (Specialization in Swiss Pastry and Chocolate Arts) in Lucerne.
- I worked at Park Hotel Vitznau which is very respectful and luxurious hotel in Switzerland. I Have good recommendation from them about my job . Please find attached in mail.
- Team player and adaptive- studied abroad in international college. Served deserts for weddings, banquets, one Michelin star restaurant in Park Hotel Vitznau -"Prisma ". Also helped for main kitchen and grill.
- Have experience in business, able to respect somebody’s job, responsible, reliable - managed with one of my family business branch – coffee. I traded coffee retail and wholesale . Gave for rent coffee machines and coffee equipment. Worked like a barista in our not big coffee stall. Work clean, with high quality and hygiene. Because thanks to these components, you benefit for your job.
- Disciplined and punctual - I have been in army. Was promoted to sergeant. There were 55 people in my subjection.
- Sportive- played for professional football team in my country. Love sport.
- Creative, energetic, open for people, with positive attitude and ready to work hard and develope.
- Have average knowledge in English.
My disadvantages
- I know only one foreign language- English. But also I speak Russian and Ukrainian languages.

If you will need more information please contact me by email or by phone at any time! Let’s work and develop together!

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