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Personal Imformation

First name: Yuluya
Surname: Mihailova
Telephone: 89036347578
Skype: julia-gjv
E-mail: julua-gjv@mail.ru
Sex: woman
Date of birth: 22/04/1980
Job Applied For: learn language, have ат experience as the abroad

Work Experience 1

From: 2004
To: 2007
Occupation or position held: manager of marketing
Main activities and responsibilities:
The full organization (development, preparation, carrying out, the analysis) market researches, creation and updating of information bases of the enterprise (rates of development of communication services in Kostroma and the Kostroma region), contractual work (preparation, maintenance) with contractors of the enterprise, preparation and carrying out, control of the advertizing companies, presentations, PR – activity, a merchandising, registration of points of sale, introduction of the reporting under marketing and advertizing activity

Development and start of Internet projects in area, modernization of telephone exchanges, advance of services of a telephony, television, the Internet

Work Experience 2

From: 2007
To: 2011
Occupation or position held: manager of marketing
Main activities and responsibilities:
1. Development, carrying out, control carrying out market researches (qualitative and quantitative): writing of TZ, development of questionnaires/interview, contractor's choice, control, writing of reports, recommendations. Drawing up portrait of the consumer, writing of reports, analyst.
2. Market condition studying (main competitors, specialgoods prices and third parties (advertizing agencies, magazines).
3. Organization of participation in specialized exhibitions.
4. Document flow (contracts, accounting reports), the conclusion of agreements/contracts and support of contracts with tenants, control and the coordinated work with divisions of the enterprise.
5. Access to strategically important classified information.
6. Development, maintaining the plan for a production/sales plan, development and the analysis of the reporting, overall performance of sales department, the analysis of rates of development of a distribution network of the enterprise in Kostroma and other regions of Russia (about 17).
7. Control of work of area, territorial managers, interaction with supervisors and merchandisers.

Development and start of market researches, projects such as a beefsteak "Grossbif", children's cutlets "Mother's Favourite", cutlets with sauce inside, production of the biggest cutlet in the world (2008), rebranding of the company
Ability to establish confidential business relationship with contractors

Work Experience 3

From: 2011
To: 2015
Occupation or position held: manager of marketing
Main activities and responsibilities:
Advertizing activity in retail and wholesale departments of the jeweler company.
Organization of exhibitions.
Advertizing campaigns.
Administration of the site.

Education and Training 1

From: 1997
To: 2002
Title of qualification awarded: Teacher of elementary school
Organisation: Pedagogig and psychology, Russia, Kostroma Intstinut

Education and Training 2

From: 2007
To: 2010
Title of qualification awarded: Economist
Organisation: Agricultural academy, Russia, Kostroma

Education and Training 3

From: 2004
To: 2005
Title of qualification awarded: manager of marketing

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Russian
Other language:
Computer skills:
Driving licence: B

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