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Personal Imformation

First name: Ekaterina
Surname: Vasenina
Telephone: +79263809049
E-mail: eg.odyvanchik@mail.ru
Sex: female
Date of birth: 12/10/1985
Job Applied For: Logistics

Work Experience 1

From: 09/2012
To: now time
Occupation or position held: Logistics
Main activities and responsibilities:
- Interaction with suppliers / customers; preparation and maintenance contracts, execution control.
- Preparation and execution of shipping documentation; documentary support of the movement of goods.
- Preparation and validation of primary documents: bills, invoices, Waybill; control receiving originals from customers / suppliers;
- Tracking of goods in warehouses (elevators); work with the product: write-off, posting, transfer; warehouse control documentation for transactions in goods, the account balances of goods in warehouses.
- Invoicing suppliers for storage / cleaning product. Work with transport companies to implement transportation to the customer.
- Entering information into the database.
- Perform other instructions manual.
- Registration of workers, reports and other documentation.

Work Experience 2

From: 11/2010
To: 08/2012
Occupation or position held: Administrative assistant
Main activities and responsibilities:
Document management (movement organization and accounting documents, work with the administrative documents)
Travel- support (visa preparation, hotels, cars, tickets, both in Russia and abroad)
Business correspondence.
Providing life-support office (working with suppliers, ordering offices, working with the courier service).
Running Errands leadership.
Telephone service.
Organization of the reception of visitors.

Work Experience 3

From: 09/2008
To: 11/2010
Occupation or position held: Secretary of Administration / Center
Main activities and responsibilities:
Record keeping and streamlining workflow in print and electronic media, including the use of a centralized electronic depository documentation; preparation of draft letters, queries, and other official documents;
- Registration Travel Office employees, preparation of expense reports and other documents relating to the secondment;
- Training sessions and meetings: alert participants about the time and venue, agenda, book meeting rooms, order entry passes, the collection of necessary materials, minutes of the meetings;
- Reception and filtering of phone calls, performing operational telephone on current activities;
- The organization of the reception of visitors;
- Reception and registration / registration (using accounting and registration forms) incoming correspondence;
- Consideration of the review of documents, transfer it in line with the decision of the head of a specific artist for use during work or on the execution, monitoring the timeliness of execution of instructions Guide MICEX and the PCR, the formation control and reference file to take control of documents and communication of the results of execution of orders in the order established by internal documents, the adoption of operational measures for timely and quality execution of documents and orders;
- Verifying the preparation of draft documents submitted for signature Guide PIU

Education and Training 1

From: 09/2003
To: 07/2008
Title of qualification awarded: Manager
Organisation: Moscow Finance and Law Academy
Principal subjects:
Faculty of Management, law, computer science.
Occupation: Management organizatsii- FEA

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Russia
Other language:
Communication skills:
Sociable, teamwork, goal-oriented, easily trained
Organisational / managerial skills:
Record keeping, trucking, warehousing, document management, electronic depository, archive, planning, execution control.
Purchase. Incoterms.
Computer skills:
PC advanced user (Word, Excel, Outlook, Lotus, 1-C 8, Case, Navision)
high-speed printing.
Driving licence: category B

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