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Personal Imformation

First name: Halyna
Surname: Dykun
Telephone: +380660495726
E-mail: galina.dykun@gmail.com
Sex: Female
Date of birth: 20.05.1993
Job Applied For: Waitress , Bartender, Housekeeper, Worker(Factory)

Work Experience 1

From: June 2018
To: September 2018
Occupation or position held: Waitress
Main activities and responsibilities:
⦁ Prioritize responsibility based on shifting deadlines.
⦁ Maintain professionalism and positive attitude in stressful and difficult situations.
⦁ Provided excellent customer service to ensure repeat business.
⦁ Communicated with others during the job to ensure that everything ran smoothly.
⦁ Provided professional service to guests, always ensuring their satisfaction.
⦁ Followed directions carefully taking note of detail.
⦁ Being able to handle stressful situations
⦁ Able to delegat

Work Experience 2

From: October 2017
To: April 2018
Occupation or position held: Housekeeper, Manager Housekeeping
Main activities and responsibilities:
⦁ Operate power equipment such as a pile brush vacuum to get up dirty off carpet.
⦁ Mop and disinfect floors.
⦁ Excellent customer services skills.
⦁ Self-disciplined hard worker and organized.
⦁ Fast knowledge of different maintenance equipment and tools.
Assistant Manager:
⦁ Supervising a group of 7 cleaners.
⦁ Organising training sessions for staff.
⦁ Performing general Admin duties (phoning, filing, printing, etc)

Work Experience 3

From: June 2017
To: September 2017
Occupation or position held: Restaurant Manager
Main activities and responsibilities:
⦁ Opens and closes restaurant.
⦁ Reviews inventory and daily par stock levels.
⦁ Greets and welcomes guests to the restaurant.
⦁ Conducts daily audit on all store sections .
⦁ Checks working condition of equipment.
⦁ Checks quality of ingredients, preparation schedules with kitchen crew.
⦁ Navigates all sections of the restaurant and assists in areas which need more assistance.
⦁ Gives recommendations on menu and specials of the day.
⦁ Immediately addresses all concerns, complaints and questions from customers.
⦁ Liaisons with the kitchen to ensure prompt serving of all orders
⦁ Ensures all tables are complete with utensils and dining ware.
⦁ Circulates in dining area to attend to customer issues
⦁ Manages cashiering station
⦁ Ensures cleanliness of restaurant
⦁ Prepares required reports and paperwork.

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: Ukrainian
Other language:
Communication skills:
Emotional Intelligence
Organisational / managerial skills:
Strong customer service skills.

Including assessing customer needs.

Excellent active listening skills and ability to give my complete attention to patrons during busy.

Patient and compassionate when serving patrons, making them feel at home at the establishment in which they are eating.

Ability to work effectively under time pressure and for long and extended hours.

Ability to multitask.

Vast knowledge of different wines and spirits.

Ability to understand different kinds of people.
Computer skills:
Driving licence: I haven’t

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