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Personal Imformation

First name: Evgeny
Surname: Maltsev
E-mail: malcev8181@mail.ru
Date of birth: 1981.01.28
Job Applied For: Purchases/search/development in China

Work Experience 1

From: Mar 2011
To: Jun 2016
Occupation or position held: Product Researcher and developer
Main activities and responsibilities:
Job description
Development of products in accordance with the terms of reference and the established deadlines (products in the sphere of household goods).
Interaction with delirious managers. - Research and monitoring of the home market, analytical work in the market (visiting specialized exhibitions, exploring new developments, identifying interesting ideas)
Development and management of effective working relationships with suppliers, preparation of the supplier base
Selection of a production site with appropriate technological capabilities
Attraction of contractors (designers, chemical laboratories, printing houses)
Improving the quality of products with a minimum increase in the cost of production.

Work Experience 2

From: Mar 2006
To: Jun2008
Occupation or position held: Quality supervisor
Main activities and responsibilities:
Job description
Management and control of the operation of the Company's representative office in China Organization of visits of Russian delegations to China (assistance in developing a travel plan, assistance in booking hotels, meeting, escorting a delegation, visiting production bases, translating during meetings and negotiations)
Conducting a presentation of the Company.
Control of the work of factories throughout the entire production cycle, control and quality control of the products (during the production cycle, checking the finished product before shipment, providing full reports to the main office);Responsible for Certification of equipment.

Personal Skills

Mother tongue: russian
Other language:
Chinese, very good
English, Basic
Swedish, Basic
Computer skills:
Driving licence: Swedish Drive license B
Additional Information:
My Name is Evgeny Maltsev, I am originally from Russia and I moved to China in 2004, live and work there for 13 years before I move to Sweden. Now I am living in Almhult with my family, my wife and daughter.
I major in Engineer Mechanic specializing in Mechanization of agriculture in the university. I have been taking service in Russia military for 4 years before going to China. I have studied Chinese in the university for 3 years in Shanghai and speak good Chinese. I have worked in 2 Russian companies in China, such as translator, purchaser, and product developer.
I have moved to Sweden with my family from Oct 2017, and I am studying Swedish language now and looking for job at the same time.
I am a person with strong persistence, working hard and caring for detail things. I am good at communicating and have rich experience in Asia culture especially China. I am looking forward to share with you more detail information about myself.

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