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Personal Imformation

First name: YURIY
Telephone: +79060434255
E-mail: yuriy_security@mail.ru
Sex: Man
Date of birth: 13.11.1986
Job Applied For: Security

Work Experience 1

Main activities and responsibilities:
Pilipenko Yuri Alexandrovich
Security chief, full time

Date of birth: 13 November 1986 (31 years)
Current City: Николаев (Николаевская обл.)
Ready to move to: Other countries, Kiev, Odessa
Address: пр-кт Октябрский 25
Phone: +380933344726
El. mail: yuriyphilipson1986@gmail.com
head of security
from 04.2014 to the present. time (3 years 11 months)
PIC-Comfort (Building, management company!)
Protection of public order:
Protection of life and health of citizens,
Taking measures to prevent and detain persons involved in theft of property.
prevented and suppressed acts of vandalism of residential buildings,
Control of fire safety,
Assisting the administration in carrying out mass events,
Suppression of hooligan acts of offenders and rendering of the feasible help to employees of police,
secret gathering of operational information in connection with increased attention on the antiterror!
Head of security
from 03.2013 to 04.2014 (1 year 1 month)
OOO & quot; Stroyliance & quot; (Building)
- Organization of work on the protection of objects;
- work with customers;
- work with object documentation;
- inspection of objects;
- control over protected objects;
- Personnel selection;
- work with personnel;
- drawing up schedules and work sheets.
Head of security
from 04.2011 to 02.2013 (1 year 10 months)
СУ-155 (Construction)
- Development of the concept and methods of development of the security service
-Organization of personal / personal protection
-Organization and control of access, in-house and fire-fighting regimes at the facilities.
- Provision of technical facilities for the protection of the facility (installation of alarms, video surveillance, access control systems)
- Selection and placement of security personnel at the facility.
- Organization and management of issues of protection and security of trade secrets.
- Verification of the reliability of the personnel of the company, partners, competitors.
- Work with controlling and law enforcement agencies.
Head of security
from 05.2007 to 05.2010 (3 years)
OOO Restaurant & quot; Dejavu & quot; (Trump card leisure and entertainment)
1. Provided reliable protection of the organization's object from theft, embezzlement and other criminal encroachments, fires, accidents, acts of vandalism, natural disasters, social unrest, etc.
2.Developed and carried out management of activities for the safety of the facility.
3. Elaborated adequate means of protection and types of protection regimes.
4. Suppressed attempts to unauthorized access to the protected facility.
5. reflected the threat and contributed to the elimination of the harmful effects of a direct attack on the protected facility.
6. Carried out the verification and evaluation of the loyalty of the employees of the protected facility.
7.ensured the inviolability of the transported material values, reflecting attempts at unauthorized access to them.
8. I carried out communication with the basic body of the security service of the facility on the protected object, and along the route - with the transport and territorial bodies of internal affairs.
9. used different types of communication at the protected facility.
10. Ensured compliance with a strict control regime for the implementation of preventive, repair and other works.
eleven.provided every possible assistance to law enforcement and other state bodies in the investigation of cases of criminal attacks on the protected facility.
12. I am able to provide emergency medical care for injuries, injuries, etc.
Senior guard change
from 07.2006 to 07.2007 (1 year)
oleg Legion (Security, Safety)
ohpanaa komplekca with the goal of making its fatal defenses and protection of the property;
ocychstecvetlenie kontrolya z pabotoy ystvanovlennykh na komplekce tehnichicheskikh sredstvt bzopopnnti (system of the control of access, burned-fire alarm);
oocyting of the control over moving the material values ​​in the building of the housing and on its propitious terpitherapy;
the maintenance of the monitoring of the access to the building in the building of the complex and its use, to take measures to identify and prevent unsanctioned punctuation in the complex!
Higher education
from 09.2004 to 06.2010
NSU them. Sukhomlinsky, Physics-Mathematics and Mechanical Engineer, Nikolaev.
additional education
Capital Spetsresursy & quot; training of bodyguards (01/09/2011 to 26/11/2011)
Extreme medicine paramedic (2011)
Volition certificate of category B (2007)
Professional skills
Computer skills
confident PC user: Word & sbquo; Excel & sbquo; MS Office & sbquo; Internet.
Head of Security. & ndash; expert, I use now, 11 years of experience.
Knowledge of languages
English & mdash; average
Additional Information
I consider my main qualities: self-confidence, diligence, organization, courtesy, honesty, honesty, well informed and competent, respect confidentiality!
is disciplined in terms of exact compliance with the rules established by laws and regulations governing private security activities, job duties, regulations and instructions. Stress resistance. responsible, to work seriously, reliable, sociable, active, initiative. Ability to work both individually and in a team, collective achievement of common goals facing the Company. mutual respect, non-conflictness, ability to listen and hear, be tolerant and correct, striving for personal growth, self-improvement of their professional qualities, ability to contact people of different age and position. Bad habits are absent.
Health is good. finished training of bodyguards, higher education, engaged in boxing and wrestling! Height 182, weight 92 kg, age 31, experience in protection 11 years: beg. protection of objects, the head of the rapid reaction unit, the protection of shopping centers, nightclubs and restaurants, companies and organizations, public order, personal protection

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